OSE 2.0 - retour sur Odoo

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OSE 2.0 - retour sur Odoo

Messagepar andrea » Dim Jan 24, 2016 7:33 pm

Dans le cadre du projet "OSE 2.0 : nouvelle infra pour OSE) ce test concerne Odoo dispo pour testing sur


https://www.odoo.com/thanks/download_fi ... 79fa1a322c

install documentation: https://www.odoo.com/documentation/8.0/ ... stall.html

Odoo vs Redmine vs Taiga System Properties Comparison
http://project-management.zone/system/o ... mine,taiga

first test on odoo is quiet impressive.
but i had to increase to 4 CPUs and 8MB to obtain a reasonable reaction
I started loading also a project management plugin with 2 project methodologies (classic + scrum)
it supports ldap auth

to take a look: odoo.lhw.io
user: osefrance@gmail.com
pwd: osefrance1

test project is "IT infrastructure setup"

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Re: OSE 2.0 - retour sur Odoo

Messagepar andrea » Lun Déc 12, 2016 9:39 am

nouvelle odoo en preparation finale sur : www.opensourceecologie.org
password: pareil que votre email @opensourceecologie.org

merci pour vos commentaires, modification necessaires.

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Le nouveau Site

Messagepar Econo » Lun Déc 26, 2016 4:32 pm

La partie gestion du site est tout simplement parfaite, simple et directe, du WYSIWYG pour tous ceux/celles qui souhaitent participer (cercle Communication) :p

Nécessités pour le site http://opensourceecologie.org :
  • permettre la création de pages. Je pense l'utiliser pour copier-coller le "à propos" du Wiki, sur un bouton du Menu.
  • réfléchir à une version de présentation moderne : responsive, avec une page à défilement verticale - en ce qui concerne cette page "à propos", voire possible sur l'accueil.
Quelqu'un-e pourrait déjà réfléchir au bon design de l'accueil (quelles images ? comment mieux les placer ? etc.), et faire des tests de rendu sur smartphone ?
Doit-on faire un Slide ? ça serait peut-être le plus simple et appropié :geek:

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Re: OSE 2.0 - retour sur Odoo

Messagepar admin » Mer Mai 16, 2018 9:00 pm

certainly impressive, but after some testing, the configuration required is important and adds up to the configuration of the additional plugins required.
certainly a good promise for the future when we get a stronger IT circle who can continue the configuration and testing of Odoo and run the pilot.
Certainly Odoo will make steps forward in the next future, hence worth trying it again later on.

Additionally with its noble requirement of the SSL, we ended up into an issue: Mozilla untrusted Startcom on some Firefox release, after the not-so-transparent merge between Startcom (our certificate authority) and Wosign.

It was just bad timing, we came from a worst situation: our previous wordpress install running our homepage got hacked through an unmanaged plugin (Static version here: http://oseblog.ose.la/) .
Fortunately from the point of view of the pilot (unprepared and not ready), we had Odoo at some stage of configuration with Ldap integration, the home page plugin and the blog plugin ready . not ready was the internal communication system, project management plugins, internal email manager.
During this emergency pilot we were running OSE front page when Mozilla stop accepting Startcom certificates and Chrome, Safari and IE would have followed soon. This reason led our focus to restart a worpress with least plugins possible, for our current front page. (may be worth testing Ghost)
Well, you say it: we do need sys admin in our team, join us :)

the pro concepts tested in Odoo (in line with OSE 2.0 initial requirements) are:
- it integrates easily with openLDAP... this one can link to a post itself for the procedure *************, SSO is a must for organizations, OSE and alike. allowing you to access the whole intranet with a single account through out all different services.
- it has great communication ability, becoming an internal social media. able to manage cards trello-like and projects both waterfall and agile / scrum methods. you chose the level of notification to your email.
- the front page allows for great flexibilities of personalisation in WYSIWYG without additional themes (also available through plugins tho not tested)

the main cons of this first pilot:
- the blog was not working, although configured it wouldnt behave correctly
- the front page content and configuration is deleted when the plugin is reinstalled (uninstall / reinstall). this would require a level of backup that i have not found available.
- the project management interfaces (on which i had a personal hope on Odoo), although nice, are not so efficients compared to other tools (ie openproject)
- it is heavy, we had to increase to 4 CPUs and 8MB ram the CT running Odoo to obtain a decent reaction.
- the ssl certificate limitation. although very important to run the intranet on SSL (even self-certified), having the frontpage forced on SSL and the Mozilla reaction from the JV of 2 CAs caught us off guard. Allowing for no-ssl front page would have given us the possibility to switch easily and continue the pilot.

in conclusion:
Worth testing it further in the future for the intranet part.
we can find better blogging tools than odoo front page.
I would allow for further testing of the project management components. (else we can make the plugin ourselves on python http://odoo-development.readthedocs.io/ ... st/dev/py/)

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